Friday, May 19, 2006

Stressed and blessed...

Friday 19th June 2006

The events of the last 48 hours have begared belief.
At 2 points on Wednesday I thought that the planned mini tour in Croatia and Slovenja were not going to happen. The lack of a vehicle to get 5 people to the airport until 5pm that day (I praise and worship Nelly and Commercial Garage in Narberth!) and then another total f*#°k up which cannot actually be mentionned for legal reasons made for the most stressful start to a tour in my touring history.

But oh wonder of wonders and delight of delights, last night we took to the stage in Gala Hala, Ljubliana, Slovenia and had a sweet, inspirational, musical, uplifting and generally top experience. Thanks to all who came and supported.
Fell happily into bed at about 2 this morning having had 4 hours sleep in 48 hours. Am typing this direct in the lovely Gala Hala band room as the rest of the crew snore in the background!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

We are the champions again...

Saturday 13th May 2006

I don't love Raffa Benitez and Peter Crouch.
I do love Stephen Gerrard, Sammi Hyypia, Jan Arno Riise (sorry for spellings!) and Liverpool Football club.
I have a soft spot for West Ham now (something I thought I'd never ever say!).
WHAT a cup final, what a rollercaoster of emotions, what a RESULT!!!
2 texts I got from fellow fans sum it up:
˝Never EVER say die! We said to Jake (my cousins 2 year old) we'd let off party poppers for every Liverpool goal... the place looks like a ticker tape parade went pas. F*#°k me I'm buzzing˝.
˝I have just cum real hard...again! LFC have the finals in operatic stylee always!˝

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Speak out

Tuesday 9th May 2006

Not blogged for a while as life´s felt like there couldn't possibly be room or time, which is a daft head state to be in because there always is but once you start to get a backlog of what you think you want to say in your head you feel that you don't have time but if you just post something quickly as I'm doing now and get back on it then you're in the zone again. Clear? Well that made sense in my had.

Anyway the thing that's forced me to speak out is the selection of the England squad for the world cup. I love and support Liverpool football club but how the hell is Peter Crouch selected over the likes of Wright-Phillips, Harewood and Bent???!!!
And as for the fact that calamity James is in the squad - does Sven never learn, how many cock ups does a goalie have to make before he's chucked out?
And is Owen Hargreaves Sven's bastard love child and due to some mad blackmail plot he has to be selected to play for England?
I can't believe it.