Sunday, January 01, 2006


Sunday 1st January 2006

I love those days like Christmas Day and New Years Day when you know that the world is sort of shut down and nobody's plotting to send you an evil bill - the world is in free fall slow motion and it's peaceful like no other days (I appreciate this is my subjective and idiosyncratic world view).

Anyway to cut a long story short I received an email from DJ Perch which illustrated to me how different our perspectives on our personal and working relationships were, and as a result of this I decided to quit Zion Train. Much as I love performing live, going through the motions of something which originated in the heart at another time with other people was becoming hollow. To continue doing it just for the money would not reflect the spirit of what I do, and the vibe of the audience versus the vibe of the people I was working with wasn't enough to sustain the desire to be involved.
Zion Train for me was music originated by Cod, mixed by Perch and performed live by at least Perch and myself (and ideally a brass section), so for me Zion Train is no more – whatever continues using that name will be something new and different.

Tune of the day

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
by Cat Stevens
This is going to be the last "Tune of the Day". I think I'm going to do a feature in my "Music" section called i&itunes (my iPod is called "i&iPod" so all essential listening will be covered there and I'll do a centralised round up of top listening:-)