Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Summer stress subsides!

Wednesday 21st September 2005

I’ve been resisting writing in a petulant sort of way – it’s felt like too much history to attempt to relate and not enough time.
Then tonight, as Man City went 1-0 up against Doncaster Rovers in the league cup, I thought “now is the time”(though they subsequently lost on penalties sadly).

Main features
*My 500g niece is now 1.5kg, breathing for herself, feisty, and a total superstar.
*My girl is now 3 and my boy is now 5! Where did the years go? Incidentally how fantastic are the summer holidays – only this year have a truly appreciated the wonder of lie ins and having my children around 24-7.
*The vocal I did of Joy Division's 'Digital' for DJ Methodist is now out on a 7".
*2 close friends have been to see a psychic with amazing results – 99% accurate information, incredible revelations and apparently we ALL have a spirit guide. I’m going to go and see her myself and will keep you posted…
I am seriously hoping that neither of my Grandmothers are my spirit guide a) because they were both dour to put it politely and b) there are some things in life that one does not want ones grandmother to be witness too, even from the spirit world!
*Got bl**dy nits again. It’s not fair. If anyone near me has them (even when no-one I know has them) I always get them. Had to use the hideous chemical ‘Derbac’ twice, and for at least 6 weeks after I used it, every time I sweated – particularly after gigs – I could smell it. Horrible.

*My two favourite Zion Train gigs of the summer were Ashton Court Festival in Bristol and Rhythms of the World in Hitchin. Both of them were just out there, thousands of people (me included) high on life together and just going for it big time.
Both were shortly after the July 7th London bombs and it was as if there were a visceral need to come together, unite as people of different colour skins and religions and dance wildly!
It was particularly moving in Hitchin that the local Vicar (whose office was our dressing room), Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist leaders went on stage together to denounce the bombings and call for unity. Rhythms of the World really is a very special festival, and genuinely involves the whole community.
*Loved the Molara band gig at Seasplash Festival in Croatia. Bonuses to this were guesting with Love Grocer the night before we played, and being followed on stage by Twinkle Brothers.
How amazing a voice, an energy, a presence Norman Grant is only seems to increase with age. If there were anyone on the roots circuit I aspire to it would be him. As for his band, the vocal combination of the lovely Jerry Lyons, Black Steel and Dub Judah was just amazing, and the rhythms were as tight as a gnats chuff.
The comedy journey there with an initially distressed and shouting Daddy Freddywas entertaining and eventful to say the least! After raging against all who had diss'd him, he went on to mention his love of Elton John (and other members of the gay community), Michael Jackson and how much he fancies Sarah Fergusson! He restored my faith in Jamaican humanity.
*Notable mentions Festival au Bout du Monde, Crozon, Bretagne – lovely mainly world music festival although bizarrely enough we went on after Joe Cocker. I was a bit concerned that the musical styles were a little too far apart for us to be appreciated, but all 15,000 people stayed and went wild. Vive les Bretons!
Also got in a trip to the beach which was stunning.
We finally did the first ever Zion Train gig in Spain – Tarrega near Barcelona. Lovely people lovely vibe. Also the first ZT gig featuring Earl 16 at Feeste in het Park, Oudenaarde, Belgium.
Rototom in Italy was a really nice sunny rootical day.
*Must mentions Vostrov Reggae Festival in Czech Republic, Hodokvas Festival, Slovakia and Endorset Dorset. All bouncy, positive and uplifting.
Molara band at Glastonbury was short but sweet if a little confusing!
*Better left unmentioned Sicily (the third 10 hour+ journey of the weekend combined with food poisoning and disorganised chaos made this a total nightmare. Thanks to all who did help).
The Powersteppers gig at Glastonbury was the day of the torrential rain so was sadly washed out.

*Plastic surgery has always given me the heeby geebies – unnecessary pain, cuts and bruises. But as I take to the stage these days or look in the mirror when wearing a vest I could well live without the bingo wings. I have learned to love and appreciate my Nigerian bum and thighs and can even generate affection for my post 2 caesarians belly. The scars on my face are my history, part of me. But the bingo wings, yuk. Still not been to the gym in 2005…
*What a joy it would be if Boris Johnson was elected tory leader. He’s such a twat.
*Lots of people seem to be wearing fur again particularly “supermodels” and American rappers. The latter are in general rich, conservative and stupid enough to possibly be excused, but what was the point of the campaign in which models denounced the wearing of fur in the 1990’s if only a decade or so later they are all wearing it again? Do their food starved tiny little brains not remember? Clearly it was fashionable then and isn’t now. Pathetic.
*When we were in Poland Perch was shown the internet video of one of the Americans kidnapped by the Iraqi militants having his throat cut. He was really shocked and horrified by it but said that everyone should see it because it was unimaginable.
I can’t agree. What he described to me I put images to which disturb me to this day, even though they are only from his description.
I hope never to see anything like that in my life.
I don’t hide from such realities and I do feel that everyone needs to know that these things are happening in the world we live in.
Those images will disturb him and he will never forget I’m sure, what he told me was enough for that to be true for me. I fear that actually seeing those images could push someone like me into a very extreme state of mind.
I cannot cope with fake violence in films never mind horror films – in which I cannot take the physical or emotional violence of the situations in which characters find themselves trapped. It’s not that I’m scared of blood, but that I abhor violence.
It profoundly disturbs and upsets me.
I hate big knives, guns, anything that human beings can kill each other with.
Every fibre of my being feels it’s not right.
*Women are weird.
I am one and therefore subject to some of the emotional territory - the stress, the obsessions, the jealousy, the mind games.
I’d feel sorry for men but they have their own set of built in baggage.
Furthermore it starts from birth – well at least 18months. My daughter and her girlfriends are already doing what women do!
The worst thing is that we are programmed to want and then entice/coerce/bully men into settling down to build homes and make children, and looking at my peers, when we get to the point when the men have finally said yes this is great this is what I want too and we have it all, we want something else.
Why are we like that?
It would be SO much easier all round if we could just be consistent. Just be satisfied with what we have when we’ve got it.

*Podcasting. How great exactly? Adam Curry rock on. Dawn and drew are too whiney for me. Chef Mark Tafoyer has become most quoted in our kitchen. Respect to Trucker Llew. My two most enetertaining podcasts of the summer have been goyfire (anti Jewish/black/anything other than the Arian race). The goyfire news report had me falling off my chair with laughter, it was so funny, and they really mean it! Whorecast too is wonderful, SO dry, so wild in a totally ordinary kind of way and at times very very funny.
* - long may it continue.

Tune of the summer

Hope There’s Someone
by Anthony and the Johnsons