Monday, May 30, 2005

Omolara Ayo Ade…

Monday 30th May 2005

Fantastic times all round.
Yesterday was first official “Molara” gig at Theatre Mwldan in Cardigan. Band line up was Ed Headmix on bass, Paul Dubmerge on drums, Jez “fresh talent” King on guitar and rapping, Sarah Headmix and Su Baka Beyond on backing vocals.
The super girls arrived at midday (having only had the set on CD), we rehearsed for a couple of hours, then headed off to soundcheck etc.
First punter through the door was the biggest ZT fan and only cross dresser in Cardigan. True to form he was wearing a skin tight bright royal blue glittery dress and a full face of makeup including that weird thing that women do – dark outline of lips which isn’t actually where the lips are, then lips filled in in pale pink. That with waist length dreadlocks. People like that make me happy to be alive. We had some banter during the course of the gig which involved talk of “a double page spread in the Tivyside Advertiser” (local paper) I believe, what kind of spread was never established!
Musicians, audience and vibes combined to make a night that was SO enjoyable I loved it. Thankyou to all.

Tonight I was a backing vocalist for the legendary Damo Suzuki (of Can – 70’s Krautrockers extraordinaire). He’s on a perpetual tour which he calls Damo Suzuki’s Network. If you want to book him you have to arrange to transport him from his previous gig and pay him a fee. You must also provide music for him to sing to. So me and the legendary queen of jazz & improvisation - Maggie Nicols sang bv’s, Colin and ZT Dave (Tench) did beats, keyboard and weird noises, Glenda our next door neighbour and long time lovely musician played bass, Jethro (Capri Sails) played guitar and his welsh farmer mate was on drums. 2 other guitarists and fans of Damo came on and guested too.
Over 2 hours of 10 people improvising – it was really amazing with some sublime musical moments.

Up at 4.30 am tomorrow to take Damo san to Cardiff airport, then the next day up at 5am to take myself to Stansted. I sense a tired few days coming on! But I’m loving it all.

Tune of the day

Sing Swan Song
by Can


Friday, May 27, 2005

My sister’s a star…

Friday 27th May 2005

Whenever I think of Wednesday night’s win I well up! I think as Liverpool fans (and the team of course) we deserved that.
Supporting Liverpool is a bit like supporting England – the players are good and in theory they should be brilliant but in reality there’s something about the mentality of the players/club collectively which means they don’t achieve their full potential.
Winning the Champions League was repaying us for those defeats at the hands of Middlesbrough and Southampton (though happily those are now a thing of the past since Southampton were relegated, long overdue in my opinion).

Yesterday went to my sisters Masters degree show at The Royal College of Art. Her work is stunning. I don’t think I’m biased. I think that because we are sister’s maybe in some ways we have similar tastes but I haven’t liked everything she’s done over the years. The latest works just blew me away and were I rich, I’d spend serious money to own some of her work.
It must be hard being a visual artist in the 21st Century – so much has been done both in terms of images and technique. Some of the work in the exhibition across the board (painting, jewellery, photography) seemed so tired and un-original. Those who stood out really stood out though.
Dinner with the family, lovely.

Tune of the day

Umi Says
by Mos Def


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

We ARE the champions...

Wednesday 25th May 2005

Never before have I felt so ill during a football match.
At one point I was nearly sick. The inside of my mouth was painfully dry and the surface of my tongue raw from abrasion due to tension.
I was due to drive to London after the game, but when we were 3-0 down at half time I considered setting off then, but Colin persuaded me to stay. Good job. I may well have crashed the car during the excitement of the second half and particularly the penalty shoot out.
I kept wailing “We’ll never win on penalties!” but the boys were magnificent – jedna milosc Jerzy Dudek.

Liverpool Football Club, champions of Europe.

Tune of the day

Perfect Day
by Lou Reed


Monday, May 16, 2005

Gigs, gigs and more gigs...

Monday 16th May 2005

The election came and went then.

Last weekend did 3 UK dates – Frome, which also kind of came and went.
Exeter which was mental as ever and Bristol which also rocked – very nice to see the Trinity open again.

This weekend we are in Belgium.
Saturday in N9, Eeklo, which is a bit like a spiritual return to source as the first ever ZT gig on the continent was at Jan and Bernadette’s original club down the road “De Media” in 1992? They are an amazing and inspirational couple who have coordinated legendary performances by artists of all ages, races and musical styles, from Robert Crumb to Oumou Sangare, Buena Vista Social Club (before they were famous) to The Skatellites.
Respect, admiration and thanks.
Last night was a great night a VK in Bruxelles – another return to source in a way as we played with Russ Disciples whose music inspired so much when played by Shaka in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and also with Bush Chemists – Dougie Conscious Sounds music/mixing. Colin always sites Dougie as the man who first came round to the original ZT studio “Wibbly Wobbly World” and showed him and Perch how to dub mix…
Respect, admiration and thanks.

Tonight the newly built 4AD which replaces the old venue we’ve played a few times at in Diksmuide. The new version is an old building which has been completely encased by a new building. Very funky and great acoustics.
The support band are a friendly group of Belgian rootsmen and women (Dub An Der Over? – I can say it but not write it!), nice sounds and great effects.
Great amusement as we head round the towns fayre (it’s a bank holiday here). We have Fitta Warri (Jamaican MC) doing his first ZT shows this weekend and he wears his dreadlocks piled high on his head, covered by a turban. I’m used to being stared at in the white towns of Europe for being brown, but now people don’t even notice me and stare open mouthed at Fitta.
Seen all manner of cheese and sausage! Not to mention the most amazing aquarium shop where there were piranha’s and huge koi carp.
Bought a fantastic purple metallic space hopper for my gal (her brother already has a red one which he got at “The Big Chill” last year and insisted on space hopping the length of the festival site as his maiden voyage).

Tune of the day

Come as You Are
by Nirvana


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Saint Redneck the second?

Sunday 1st May 2005

All hail the new pope.
As a Bavarian friend pointed out he was only in the Hitler youth because at the time it was the done thing…
Somehow I don’t think he’s going to be making any radical popery – so it’s on with the AIDS epidemic and Conservatism.
I wasn’t a big fan of the last pope but he was Polish (as you know I’m a fan of his homeland) and he did have the hip hop dudes break dance for him in the Vatican. Maybe with the new pope we can look forward to some Bavarian guys in lederhosen slapping each other in the name of dance.

Tune of the day

Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
by Da Costa Woltz’s Southern Broadcasters