Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I blog therefore I am.

Tuesday 26th April 2006

I am going to set the date of this blog to the future and see what happens - of course 26th April next year won't be a Tuesday so I'll go back and change this, but i just want to see what the response from blogger.com is if you set the date of a blog entry in the future.

Received clear vinyl 7" copies of my voice featured on DJ Methodist's version of Joy Divisions' 'Digital' - check diary entry 7th April 2004. Now I know what I'd sound like if I sang through a paper and comb.

PS. It's August 4th 2005 and I'm changing the date on the post to 26th April because I'm sick of it being at the top of my blog:-)

Tune of the day

by DJ Methodist


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Saint Redneck the first?

Friday 21st April 2005

“Pope Idol” – what a great idea. My full respect to whoever thought of it first.

Found out that Hunter S. Thompson had killed himself.
I admire his courage and his wildness – living such an extreme and intensely hedonistic life and at the point when his quality of life began to suffer, saying right then I’ve had enough and having the guts to go through with suicide.
I think at heart I’m too optimistic for that – I would find it difficult to let go of the concept that something good was round the corner. Although that’s a daft thing to say because I’ve never suffered from long term illness and aspects of suffering like that must be soul destroying.
“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” is a great film.

Tune of the day

Fantastic Life
by The Fall


Monday, April 18, 2005

Cool Croatia...

Monday 18th April 2005

Heading home after a really nice weekend.
Saturday we headed off to the town of Pula which is really beautiful, amazing clear blue sea and Roman architecture – amphitheatre, pillars and statues all over the place.
Apart from the cold and rain (I had dressed for something slightly more summery so ended up borrowing clothes) the vibes were tropical. Hot sweaty rocking gig to rammed venue.

Sunday we travelled back to Zagreb to chill. More nice food. I’m amazed at how good the vege food is in most countries these days.
Leisurely morning buying up local delicacies with our particularly beneficent and lovely host Vedran, before heading back to Ljubliana.

To my amazement there was yet another stag party on the plane – this time one of the really drunk among them had given his jacket to his mate, his mate had got on the plane, the drunk one then realised that his passport and boarding card were in the jacket. So we were all sat on the plane ready for off while another member of their party searched through all the jackets in the overhead lockers.
It got sorted in the end but in the process a complete strangers jacket was searched, moved and his glasses and sunglasses (posh designer ones) displaced – the row/scrap about that was still raging as I left baggage collection in Stansted!

Tune of the day

One Cool Remove
by Shaun Colvin & Mary Chapin Carpenter


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lovely Ljubliana...

Saturday16th April 2005

Just when I’m banging on about crap tour situations a total dream of a venue comes along.
Last night in Ljubliana the dressing room was light, airy, huge, comfortable with an internet connection. The treatment/food/hotel/vibes was second to none – there was even a bloke proposing he ironed my clothes. I declined and this was treated with consternation by the intense and lovely promoter “You don’t think my guy can be trusted to do your ironing properly?” – No! I explained to him as best I could that I’d feel a total twat having someone iron my clothes for me.

A big shout of thanks, love and unity to the Slovenian crew.

Tune of the day

by George Michael


Friday, April 15, 2005

About my job...

Friday 15th April 2005

This one goes out to all those who say "Oh you're so lucky to get away" as if when I go on tour I'm going on holiday.

Yesterday I got up at 6am, drove for 4 and a half hours to Stansted airport, waited around for 2 hours, did a 2 hour flight with the twats (see yesterday), was driven in a van from Ljubliana to Zagreb - 2 and a half hours, did a soundcheck, went for a delicious Mexican meal, went back to the venue (nice but cold) and waited around for 2 hours, took part in a fantastic and inspiring gig which started at midnight. Got to bed at 3am in a nice clean hotel 21 hours after I'd got up.

I'm not complaining, it's a great job. The most challenging aspect is having very little control over the environment you are in, so if you have been booked into a hotel where prostitutes are in and out of adjacent rooms, or a dressing room which is infested with fleas, it's tough luck. In the past I have been driven at speed along many a road by stoned and not stoned people of questionable sanity; been given a plate of bolied potatoes for "dinner"; been expected to sleep on a promoters kitchen floor with 5 other people, a few matresses and not much bedding and had electric shocks from bad equipment/set ups.

I am writing this on the journey from Zagreb to Ljubliana where we are playing tonight. We have just been stopped at the Croatian/Slovenian border where we had to empty the entire contents of the van while a sniffer dog sniffed the van interior and exterior - including the wheels and engine, and then all our luggage. The dog of course found nothing but it broke up the journey:-)

Tune of the day

The Wind Cries Mary
by Jimi Hendrix


Thursday, April 14, 2005

On twats and boring blogging...

Thursday 14th April 2005

Why is it that at the age of 55 or so the majority of people become rude, self centred, judgemental and aggressive when travelling?
It sounds outrageously racist but German OAPs are a nightmare. I’m sorry but in my experience it’s true.
Once while heavily pregnant, I was stood retrieving my bag from an open car door on a Berlin street, when the door clattered into my back – some elderly German bloke felt that I was taking up too much of the pavement so he pushed the car door into me. Can you believe that? Had I not been pregnant I would have run after him and given him at least a verbal assault (if it had been the US I could have sued his ass off!).
I’ve heard pregnant women described as lionesses – I’d have to go along with that. The defensive feelings one has for ones children are so powerful and instinctive – it’s not something that you consciously activate but is there ready to overcome you when triggered.
Anyway today at Heathrow there’s an influx of uptight OAPs clutching their passports and tickets with white knuckled hands, elbowing you in the back if you don’t shuffle along the queue quick enough, tutting at regular intervals.
Compulsory valium, spliff or brandy for the elderly traveller I say!

I realised 2 days before I was due to leave to come away on tour that my MOT ran out over 3 weeks ago – oops. Bless the nice man at the garage for sorting me out last minute style. Talking of cars are there any which have heated steering wheels? They’d be brilliant on cold mornings.
Talking of which the aforementioned garage man said of the heated seats in my car “feels like you’ve pissed yourself doesn’t it?”!

Why is it that gangs of lads on stag do’s become loud mouthed twats? Individually they can be the nicest most mild mannered blokes you could hope to meet, yet put them together they are unable to talk sense or talk at normal volumes.
I’m typing this hundreds of miles up on the way to Zagreb (via Ljubliana) for a ZT gig tonight, as the twats shout stupid jokes and dull comments to each other. I'm really ranting today.

I had a thought today – I wonder if anyone’s tried to do the most boring blog ever yet? (I’ll have to check next time I’m online). I could detail all my journeys by distance and list mode of transport, petrol consumption, engine capacity, serial numbers of planes etc. Although even then you’d be bound to get 1 person masturbating over the concept of a Fokker 950 (I have to say at this stage that I have no idea whether there is such a plane as the Fokker 950).
That’s what’s so nice about this planet – someone somewhere will be the kindred spirit who gets excited about what it is that you get excited about. Anyone want to see my button collection? ;-)

Tune of the day

by Jill Scott
Two very lovely friends gave me Jill Scott’s “Beautifully Human” CD and I finally listened to it today – this tune is straight into my top twenty favourite ever.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Let's be havin you!"

Wednesday 13th April 2005


Tune of the day

You’ll Never Walk Alone
by Aretha Franklin