Tuesday, January 04, 2005

That was clearly a goal...

Tuesday 4th January 2005

I have been saying for years that when it's either a goal, an offside decision or a penalty decision we NEED to use technology in football.
Too many decisions are made from a dodgy angle by a referee who is under pressure by fans or fooled by football playing actors writhing in agony or falling to the floor (like a ton of bricks).
Last nights none goal in the Tottenham game was a travesty - a censor in the ball? a laser accross the goal mouth? a ref's assistant who is following the game with the benefit of replay and can intervene when necessary for those vital decisions? I don't think it would hold up the game. It's so frustrating when ref's make wrong decisions.

Ended up in a bizarre situation last night - there was such an awful programme on the television, I couldn't go near it to turn it off. The programme was a documentary which followed children in hospital and showed them having operations, injections, blood samples being taken - sometimes screaming with agony. WHO WATCHES THIS? HOW? WHY? I kept getting near the telly then running away. In the end I had to do what I do when the radio is on by accident on a saturday afternoon and i'm planning to watch 'Match of the day' so don't want to hear any of the footie results. I walked to the telly with my hands on my ears singing very loudly and with my eyes almost shut.

Have been eating so rich and too much food, drinking quite a lot. In the last few days I've been yearning for lentil and vegetable soup and fizzy water. The party's been lovely but my body's telling me it's time to detox for the New Year!

Tune of the day

Boogie Nights
by Heatwave


Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Saturday 1st January 2005

I hope that Christmas proved to be a mellow oasis in your life, pressure free in the knowledge that shops and work were closed so there was really nothing else to do than eat too much, drink too much and enjoy/endure time spent with the family into which you were born/you gave birth to!
I am blessed in both I have to say - love my Mum and my sister to bits and can't begin to express what I feel about my kids and Colin, so weh hey!

It's funny how just when we sit back and relax the planet acts to tell us that all of our sophisticated structures (socially, technologically and physically) count for sod all and shows us how mighty, destructive and dominating a force nature is... I'm talking here of the tsunami on 26th December. I respect the planet and will never feel so arrogant as to think that I as a part of mankind could out-do the forces of nature.
Love and blessings to all who lost people and homes and things that seemed solid for which they had worked.

Peace and love to all for 2005.
Love for yourself and love for mankind. It's the only way I feel.

Tune of the day

Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground
by Blind Willie Johnson