Saturday, November 06, 2004

Lion bars are overated...

Friday 5th November 2004

Had a lion bar today and was shocked to find it wasn't actually covered with chocolate, but what I call dog chocolate/American "chocolate flavoured candy". Awful.

I also subsequently noticed that they too are made by Nestle - my all time most despised multinational corporation.
Years ago they sold off their old stocks of baby milk to some of the poorest African countries, whilst running a publicity campaign which suggested that their powdered milk was better for babies than breast milk.
Poverty stricken women were saving up money to spend on the milk which they then mixed with infected water and 1000s of babies died.
Scum of the earth.

Tune of the day

Dirty Work
by Poison Girls


Monday, November 01, 2004

Acid Mothers rock Cardigan!

Monday 1st November

Went to Theatre Mwldan in Cardigan last night to see Acid Mothers Temple - legendary Japanese space rockers.
It blew my mind - I watched I enjoyed I laughed I hooted - I was inspired. They writhed and flailed wildly to some of the most intense and heavy rock/noise/jazz grooves some of which went somewhere and some of which stayed unrelenting in the same repetitive cycle.
Amazing musicians who don't think but feeeel...
I asked them if I could sing with them next time and they smiled and nodded politely!

Tune of the day

Space Bambino - Intersteller Over Dope
by Acid Mother's Temple