Monday, October 25, 2004

Eulogy to John Peel...

Tuesday 26th October

Tench texted me this morning to say that John Peel had died.
I was really upset (more upset than when I found out my Grandma had died, but that's another story).
I felt very strange taking my son to swimming lessons with a group of people who possibly didn't know he'd died and probably didn't care, when I was feeling weepy.

I listened to the John Peel show religiously as a teenager in my bedroom on my first transistor radio.
He was the first DJ to play Zion Train and we did two sessions for his show in the BBC studio's. For one of the sessions we managed to persuade the Ruts DC (Ruffy, Segs and Foxy) to play together for the first time in years.
On the 'Love Revolutionaries' lp he was listed as a love revolutionary for contributions to culture, the expanding of the mind and generally inspiring people to open their ears.
When we met him he was always humble, appreciative and a good laugh. When I went to interview him (John Peel interview), he was honest, genuine turned out to be one of the nicest, most sound people you could hope to meet.
AND he was a Liverpool fan.
He will forever be associated with lovely memories musical and social, inspiration, good times with good people.
There's a bond between people who feel the way I do even though we never knew him in person, he gave so much of himself and his life that you felt you knew him.
He's been there all my adult life and I will really miss him not being there. Now that's got me blubbing!

Tune of the day

Teenage Kicks
by The Undertones