Saturday, August 07, 2004

7th August 2004

Great Molara band gig tonight just down the road, at Llanfyrnach’s own “Celtic Rock Festival”.
It was a meeting of my two worlds – neighbours and people from playgroup with old school festival heads and some great musicians.
Dave Lloyd from ‘The Suns’ on guitar and vocals, Nuala ‘Headmix Collective’ on violin, keyboards and vocals, Ed on bass and local musical talent Jez on drums.
Nick Turner played after us, Tibetan Tony stage managed, Pete Brown co-ordinated
the whole thing. Long live le festival!

Tune of the day

The River

Thursday, August 05, 2004

5th August 2004

3rd August drove through the night from Kazimierz and got plane at crack of dawn to Stansted then drove home to West Wales – special family day so had to be there as early as possible.
And we did have a special family day just the four of us.

Next day we had a big party which started at midday and finished after midnight.
Had most of my neighbours round and the big gossip was that one of my female neighbours had been invited to join the ménage a trois (see diary entry 23rd August 2004). She was surprised by this but the rest of us who have been warning her for over a year that this was on the cards were surprised only at her naivety. After all if somebody in a motorised wheelchair drives 2 miles along a main road then down an uneven track to come and tell you about their permanent state of clitoral arousal surely you think “I’m being pursued here”!

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Monday 2nd August 2004

It’s all been happening.
30th July Zion Train played to our biggest audience ever at the Wood stock Festival in Poland – around quarter of a million people. It’s a free festival (bands receive expenses only) and is a payback to the young people who raise money for a charity action day each year. Both the charity (the biggest in Poland) and the festival were founded by Polish musician Jurek Owsiak who personally chooses and introduces every band.
The state, church and politicians seem to dislike him and the event with a great deal of media focus on anything negative that happens at the festival (like reports of Glastonbury before it went corporate) robberies/fights and such – of course it was, from what we saw, peaceful celebrating life music and unity.
A surreal experience but definitely a buzz! A sea of people and flags, huge clouds of dust and television cameras all over the place. It is predominantly guitar rock music so not sure what they made of the electronic dub train!
DJ Perch was the only other black person I saw all day (which is quite amazing given the number of people there) and I was the only woman who performed as far as I know…

Anyone who’s been reading will know of my love for Polish gigs but as per usual the journeys can take an indefinite amount of time due to crap roads, congestion and erratic driving. Saw a few grim post incident scenes this trip as we zig zagged around Poland.

31st July was a return to the mighty CDQ in Warsaw. A strange night because we usually play to an intense sweaty crowd indoors, but on this visit we played outdoors to an audience predominantly made up of bike couriers in town for a convention. A great post gig social with Poles, Germans and Glaswegians!

1st August we headed for Zakopane in the beautiful mountains of Southern Poland.
Zuku, who on a previous tour was our erratic driver but on this tour is doing merchandise and boozing, has been going on about the cheese from this area and as soon as we arrive at the hotel heads off on a cheese finding mission… The cheese was most excellentJ

A small venue of excited intense punters rocks then next morning I go off in search of raspberry cordial which in combination with vodka and Tabasco sauce makes up one of the best drinks – “crazy dog”.
I also get gifted 2 Trebunie Tutki cd’s by Maken (of Joint Venture Sound System - the man who got ZT to Poland, old school punk rocker who suffered for his love of music and smiles so hard his eyes disappear, got to interview him one of these days…).
Trebunie Tutki are the band who worked with Twinkle Brothers back in the 1980’s - one of the least likely but most inspiring collaborations historically politically and musically.
I have to say at this point that Norman Grant is one of the few roots men who I have met who has always been humble, friendly and practising of the one love he sings about.

Next stop Kazimierz Film Festival – a lovely sold out outdoor gig dancing in the rain with enthusiasm like you only get in Poland.
Highlight of the day apart from the lovely gig was climbing a hill then a tower at the top of the hill with Hakey and looking out across the world.

Tune of the day

by UB40