Sunday, March 19, 2006

Number 1!

Sunday 19th March 2006

The Versionist download chart came out today and 'Heart of Dub' is at number 1. Maximum thanks and respect to all the dub download crew.

I really wanted to sing a song about music a couple of years ago and talked to Colin about what I wanted the lyrics to express. I went off to Tesco and came back to to a song called "Magic". It's been through several incarnations and the latest one (tune number 2 off the new album ) is now available dubwise onVersionist.

Decided I'm going to make a series of podcasts about the story of tunes. It's taken a long time for the solo project to properly gel and therefore some of the tunes have gone through several different styles/phases with different musicians having different takes on them. Fascinating to me and hopefully the world at large!

Friday, March 10, 2006

First new tune available...

Sunday 5th March 2006

Just put the first dub of the first mix of the first tune from the "Molara Meet's Dubmerge" album on Versionist.
Very exciting - firstly to have new music out there and secondly to feel like my solo project is really starting to bear fruit.